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Feed - M.T. Anderson A very interesting, and in many ways disturbing book. At times very grotesque and nauseating, which worked well in the story, and at the same time weren't too overwhelming. I think the issues were explored well, and the satire successfully conveyed.

However, like a lot of satires, I also at times felt like I were being hit over the head with the message. I am very aware of the problematic aspects of our culture, and the possibility of the culture described in Feed, it's something I think about quite often. So that might've added to the fact that I felt a bit like Anderson was feeding me his point. It didn't need to be spelled out quite so detailed, I felt.

There is of course the fact that satires are meant to do exactly what Anderson did - they mean to convey a specific point. And Anderson did that indeed, so I'd rate it a success in that regard. Still I felt the actual story (plot) and the characters suffered a bit from being more like props than actual characters with problems and dreams and ambitions, in Anderson's quest to get his message out there. Satires and such can be gripping and thought provoking at the same time. Books like 1984 and Brave New World does what Anderson tried to do, in a more effective, and gripping way. They make the readers sympathetic to both the message AND the characters and their plight. As it was I developed only slight sympathies for any of the characters in Feed, and what plot there was didn't prod me to read like a lot of other books do.

Still - not a bad book. This review seems very negative upon reread, but I liked the novel, overall.