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Speilet i speilet - en labyrint

Speilet i speilet - en labyrint - Michael Ende A book I found impossible to finish. While I love Ende's children's books, Neverending Story being one of my all time favourites, this one did not sit well with me.

Maybe it was the contrast between the surrealism in these stories and the magic in his children's stories that caused a dissonance in my head, and thus I could not enjoy the work; maybe surrealist fiction isn't for me; maybe the sotries were just badly written. Whatever the reason, I did not enjoy reading this book. One story I liked, but out of tens of stories, that's not enough.

I've read surrealist fiction before, and some of it I've liked, some of it I haven't. This I didn't like. I'm not sure why, and I'm not able to examine why either, because I started this book in January 2010, and have hardly touched it in a year and a half. It bothers me. I read half, and I'm not going to spend more time trying to slug through the rest, even if it is Ende.