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Heaven - Christoph Marzi It's an ok book, really, but I was a bit disappointed. I had thought it was a kind of Gaiman-esque novel, but it wasn't. The book has a sort of forced and stilted feel to it. It seems like Marzi is trying too hard to do something he can't quite manage. And there were way too many similies. WAY too many. At one point I counted five weird similies that made no sense at all, in the space of a page. It might have something to do with the translation, but I doubt it. They were seriously distracting.

The story was interesting enough, and the characters as well. The plot moved smoothly along from one point to another most of the times, but here and there I felt like I was reading a check list over plotpoints, rather than reading a story.

The beginning of the novel was fabulous, I thought. Loved the premise. The middle had ups and downs quality-wise, and the ending was a bit - weird and rushed. So, overall - an ok read.