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Poet To Poet Prufrock And Other Observations

Prufrock And Other Observations (paper) - T.S. Eliot In reality 4.5 stars.

The title poem gets a full five stars, undoubtedly. It was a poem I thought I wouldn't like (heaven knows why), and I read it almost by accident (the beginning is quoted in a John Green novel). I read it three times in a row, every time more blown away than the last.

The other poem I absolutely loved in this small collection was "Rhapsody on a Windy Night". The last two lines made me draw my breath sharply and almost start crying. I was so shudderingly stricken by the ending that I had to read the last stanza several times before I could move on.

The reason the collection would "lose" half a star had that been possible, is because several of the short poems didn't do much of anything for me. I'll definitely read the collection several times though, so maybe I'll develop a stronger liking of them in the future.

Also, as a sidenote - I love that I could read this for free on my Kindle through the Gutenberg Project. I urge anyone and everyone who loves poetry to go there immediatly, whether you have a Kindle or not, and read the collection. Beautiful poetry for free? We live in a wonderful world.